Gladys Monarca, Treasurer
Our Treasurer spends her free time teaching children to read. She provides a fun, educational, clean and loving environment for kids to learn. 

Randy Minton, Chief of Development 
Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us. The goal of the Join 4 Cause Foundation is to give to 1,000 families a month. 


Without volunteers, this foundation would not be able to provide for our families in need.  We need volunteers from churches, civic groups, schools, and local businesses. Become our partner today. 

mission & vision

The missions is to help the needy, feed, clothe, shelter, educate the homeless.  Feed over 1,000 families a month.  Help the youth, assist our veterans, assist with home repairs, provide benevolence and a weight loss support group.

our leadership team

Senia Soto, Executive Assistant  
Our Executive Assistant ensures we have the appropriate resources for our families in need. She also coordinates all of our community events. 

Fundraiser programs

The Join4Cause Foundation is home to many fundraisers in order to reach a higher territory of need. Some of our fundraisers are:  The Coffee Fundraiser, Mom's and Dad's Workshops by Angie Bee Presents and PAK Counseling  Center. 

A year ago God gave me a dream that one day Join4Cause would be a blessing to thousands of people in need of food, clothes and other resources to survive. In this dream, we brought 30 acres of land, built crops, homes, refuge camps and community centers for the needy.  

Today, this dream can come true with your help...join me in donating and let's give hope to the hopeless, food to the hungry and a safe haven to those who need our help. 


Our founder

Alexa Soto, President 
Her extensive background in social media helps us reach people for donations, volunteers and those in need one tweet, Facebook post, Pinterest, you tube video and Instagram post at a time.

2015 -  With the Coffee Fundraiser of 5,000 pounds             of coffee sold, we can feed 1,000 families,            200 homeless, veterans, elderly, and able              to help repair 20 homes per month. 

2018 -   Purchase 30 acres of land for the beginning             of the construction of  the Join4Cause                   Community Center.

2020-   Grand opening of the Join4Cause                          Community. 2 acres of farming, 4 Acres of              Elderly Housing, 5 Acres dedicated to                    center for all.